Abbots Leigh

The idyllic village of Abbots Leigh lies a short hop over the suspension bridge from Bristol, and historically belonged to the estate of the Fitzhardinge-Berkeley family, after whom The Fitzhardinge Consort is named. This ancient connection with the Bristol Fitzhardinges and with the Abbey they founded (now Bristol Cathedral) is the reason that this Somerset parish remains part of the Diocese of Bristol, while the surrounding parishes all fall in the Diocese of Bath and Wells.

Picture a typical mediaeval English parish church, and you think of Holy Trinity, Abbots Leigh, with its sun-dappled lawn, rugged stonework and smiling parishioners.

This warm, welcoming church is the venue for our annual Summer Soirée – the wine is chilled, the bunting is up, and the village comes out in force for a relaxed performance of music from Bach to barbershop.

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Address: Church Rd, Abbots Leigh, Bristol BS8 3QT

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