Christ Church, City of Bristol

This splendid 18th-century church was built to replace its dilapidated Gothic predecessor and stands in the heart of the old City. The gold finery, screened-off sanctuary and singular curved vaulting leading down to narrow marble pillars all make you feel as if you’re walking into a miniature Italian basilica. The acoustic – which has a pleasant ring but no long echo – is particularly well-suited to the intricacies of baroque music, as is the 18th-century organ sat proudly on the west gallery. Performing J. S. Bach’s Lobet den Herrn here was a particular highlight in the recent Fitzhardinge tour of Bristol churches.

This beautiful church is blessed with a thriving community and an active music department, including a choir of boys and men, and a regular lunchtime recital series (which has been known to feature solo performances from Fitzhardinge members).

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