St James Priory

The oldest building in Bristol, this ancient Priory is located just outside the old city walls, in the centre of what is now the busy shopping district of the city. What stands today is only the western portion of what was once a much larger church; the rest of the building, along with most of the Priory’s other structures, was demolished following the dissolution under Henry VIII. Unimposing from the outside, what you find inside is a large, open and bright space with an astounding acoustic. The Romanesque features impose upon the visitor a profound sense of the building’s singular age, and make it a perfect venue for early music.

A recent restoration project using money from the Heritage Lottery Fund conducted significant repairs to the stonework but also installed new light, sound and heating systems, as well as creating versatile rooms off the main church – perfect for a choir’s green room or for an interval bar.

Fitzhardinge visited St James’ Priory for the first time in Christmas 2014, and it has since become a great favourite of the choir.

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